Diverse Catering

Ridley Creek Park
Jeffords Mansion

Alyson and Robert contacted us from Los Angeles about spaces and ideas for their Philadelphia area nuptials. After meeting Alyson during one of her visits from Los Angeles and suggesting a few venues for the celebration, she decided on Jeffords Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park. The isolation from the City and the rustic grounds surrounding the old mansion sold her. It didn’t hurt that the park had just finished renovations which include a bridal suite, three large vanities to use as makeup stations, as well as new living room furniture.

When our crew arrived for the big day, they quickly transformed the empty ballroom into a beautiful space highlighting the centerpieces her future sister-in-law assembled on-site.

Among the trees and near the gazebo (known as the tennis court), the Chuppah made by Alyson’s father, Al, included a quilt that was whimsically crafted of Alyson and Robert’s memorable tee shirts. Once the chairs were set and rose petals were scattered in the aisle, it was quite beautiful. Guests arrived and were greeted by a celebration bar offering refreshment from their journey in a glorious rustic setting.

After the ceremony, guests were invited to the veranda behind the mansion overlooking the sun as it began to set behind trees to the west. Butlers flowed by with hors d’Oeuvres and cocktails. Guests were escorted to the Jeffords’ ballroom for an introduction of the bridal party, champagne toasts and the couple’s first dance as husband and wife.

The staff assembled food for Robert and Alyson as they sat at a sweetheart table surrounded by their family and friends. As they dined, the guests were invited into the foyer of the ballroom were a grand buffet was set amidst the backdrop of the grand staircase. The menu for the evening was diverse and bountiful as the guests dined and celebrated with the couple. After dinner, the hora played and all of the tables emptied onto the dance floor. This was just the beginning of a night of dancing for everyone.

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