Diverse Catering


Ann and Dan, restaurateurs, chose to marry at the home of her parents, Denise and Dick. With multi-tiered decks and rolling hills, the home overlooked the lake a few acres away down a steep embankment. Having used the decks previously (during Ann’s brother’s previous wedding) with a village of tents connecting the spaces, we were looking for a different plan. We explored various options with Larry & Shannon from Newton rental, but in the end everyone decided that preserving the beauty of the space using the village of tents option was the best way to go. 4 tents connecting at interesting angles defined our space, with stations in each tent.

On a beautiful late September afternoon guests arrived, greeted by valets and escorted down to the lake where a celebration bar serving brewed tea and lemonade refreshed them. Soon the guests seated and Ann descended the brick staircase with her father to the lakeside where her groom, family, and guests awaited her. After the ceremony, guests were invited up to the top patio for some amazing cheese and tapenades, along with butlered hors d’oeuvres, one of which (a Nori Wrapped Ahi Tuna Lollipop), was created by Ann.

With no assigned seating and stations everywhere the guests were really enjoying the action stations with chefs grilling Filets, Swordfish and Jerked Chicken and shucking away at the raw bar. The Ken Ulancy Ensemble was really hitting their mark with guests dancing everywhere and the mother and father of the bride enjoying a great time on the dance floor.

As the night moved on, a Flambe Station continued the catering entertainment and Ken’s Ensemble kicked it out. Unbeknownst to the guests, we assembled a candy bar on the family’s long dining table and small Chinese food boxes engraved with Ann and Dan’s initials were awaiting all to fill for their favor. The guests were invited to the driveway after candying out and were given three-foot sparklers to see the bridal couple off to their new life.

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