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Colonial Dames
Wedding in December

Angie, Scott, and I met in a coffee shop in downtown Philadelphia to begin planning their wedding. Angie had found our name online and we had spoken a few times about her ideas and special sites that would fit their sensibility for an early december wedding in Philadelphia. I knew from our conversations that Angie was from Texas and Scott from Massachusetts. They both worked on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and having fallen in love and subsequently gotten engaged in Philadelphia, they knew instinctively that their adopted city was the place to marry. The Pennsylvania Headquarters for Colonial Dames was on my list of favorite venues and after a visit (just around the corner from our meeting spot) it became the space for Angie and Scott’s nuptials. As we sat among the antiques and vintage paintings, our collective ideas formed into a plan for the celebration.

Angie and Scott came back to the city in November for a food tasting and further planning. It was Angie’s birthday and we surprised her with champagne and a birthday cake that was a miniature of their wedding cake. As a light snow fell outside we sang Happy Birthday to Angie and she requested some help from Mother Nature for the day of the wedding. The same light snow we were watching on this evening was requested for their wedding day.

The day of the wedding was a typical brisk December day. Guests arrived and were greeted with cocktails and a special cranberry-infused tea. We escorted the guests to the living room where we had an intimate set up of chairs facing the fireplace. Angie came down the stairs from the bridal suite and joined her groom for this special gathering of their family and friends. During the ceremony, a light snow fell outside and a magical evening ensued. Butlers flowed with handcrafted hors d’Oeuvres and the guests enjoyed cocktails and the Colonial Dames space.

We gathered the guests and escorted them upstairs to the Ballroom where stations were set for a tapas adventure with Tuscan, South American, and Middle Eastern Stations. From the grand windows of the ballroom a light snow continued to fall and decorate the garden. Angie and Scott toasted their guests and danced for the first time as husband and wife. Their specially-designed wedding cake was cut and served along with La Colombe Coffee to top off the perfect Rittenhouse Square wedding.

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